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The epic four-day Wanderlust Festival is on again and it’s setting up shop for the sixth time on the beautiful Sunshine Coast! Expect impressive yoga, music, meditation and healthy eats, not to mention a whole lots of good-looking people and cold beers. Thinking of going? Here’s what you need to know.

1. You’ll never get lost
There’s an unofficial uniform at the festival: multi-patterned yoga tights with tops featuring cute slogans like, “The light in me honours the light in you”. It’s all very namaste. If you arrive at the festival without ample variations of these staples, you can score new pieces at one of the clothing stalls at the Mindful Market. It all helps with community spirit, too. As the events are all spread out, just follow the trail of rainbow-coloured yoga tights and you’ll always find where you need to go.

2. You don’t have to be a health food perfectionist
There was one early morning when I felt I embodied my inner-city yogi with my coconut-milk yoghurt brekkie and organic coffee in hand, as I wandered off to the tepee on the resort’s private beach for chanting meditation. Later that same day, I ate cheesy nachos for lunch, that were neither organic, raw, vegan or gluten-free. I had expected all the eateries to be mini versions of whole food cafes, but I was happy to discover they still had traditional festival fare as well. Especially after the appetite I built up after the hula hoop-style rave in the sun.

3. There will be uncomfortable moments…
I brought my long-time yoga buddy, aka Mum, with me to last year’s event. We first got into yoga by practising Bikram, and Wanderlust was an excellent opportunity to try all kinds of variations. So we did. We went to an old-school rock Vinyasa class and, at another session, practised inversions. However, the most intriguing class was yoga for the vagina. And yes, my mum was right next to me as we learnt about building dexterity in our lady-parts to “play rhythms on our partner’s” man-parts as creator Tamra Mercieca described.

4…but these uncomfortable moments are exactly what you need
The theme of the festival is about finding your true north. Wanderlust Australia New Zealand co-organiser Jacque Halstead explained it to me this way: “It could be, just like ‘true north’ is different from a compass’ north, your true self could be a little off-skew. Or it could be about finding what is true for you.” And to do that you need to step out of your comfort zone. They may not have yoga for the vagina this year, but why not try blindfold yoga or slack-lining on your way to your true north? Bringing Mum along is optional.


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