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Flow Athletic Spin Home 900 x 600

What better way to spend a Thursday afternoon than working up a sweat at Nightclub Spin at Home. Yes, a spin class in an actual nightclub. And it was less seedy than you think! It was actually a truckload of fun, sweat and very loud (read: LOUD) music. Plus, the odd strobe, laser and smoke machine. The sessions were run by the guys at Flow Athletic (of silent yoga fame), and judging by the success of the sold-out classes tonight, they’ll probably be doing them again soon… watch this space. For now, here is our carefully researched list of everything we learned tonight.

Your instructor will work out harder than you

Each one of the 40 stationary bikes, along four rows, sits in front of a stage where your instructor powers his own amped up bike. With a head mic on, like an early 90’s Madonna, he shouts random numbers at you, which unless you’re in a spin class will mean nothing, “Turn to 50, and stay at 100!”. And he’ll be there right with you, sweating and sprinting as the music revs up, throwing out the odd “Let your legs dance, people!” and “It’s Sweatfest 2016 up on stage here!” And trust us, you’ll love him a little more, each time.

You’ll need oceans of water

Don’t be like us and forget about hydrating. Bring along a big, glistening chilled bottle of water. The bikes have a spot to rest it, and you’ll need it. Like really need it. The workout doesn’t stop, it’ll take you from sprint to standing ride and back to sprint again, for 45 minutes. You’ll be lusting after liquid by sprint number two, and you can be sure that the guy next to you will be taking sip after sip as you deal with your Sahara-like throat.

It’s a great place to pick up (and for couples)

Unlike some other workouts (boutique barre studios we’re looking at you), spin classes attract a pretty even spread of men and women, making them a great place for couples to work out. Or if you’re one of those blessed people that looks hot while sweating, spin class is the perfect way to workout in close proximity to other genetically pleasing bodies.

No one can tell how hard you’re working out

Depending on what sort of fitness lover you are, this will work out for you either way. If you’re taking it easy, spin classes are notoriously easy to ‘cheat’ in. The instructor says to turn it up to 50? Sure *lightly touches dial, stays at 28*. On the other hand, if you’re finding the workout too easy, crank the levels and push yourself as hard as your thighs can handle. It’s up to you!

Some people sweat a lot (and that’s ok)
“Dear man in the front row who looked uber fit and who pushed himself really hard, kudos to you, good sir, but can you please clean up the spill in aisle one?” Look, there’s no judgment here, I mean we’re all here to sweat and workout, right? But if you know you’re a massive sweat machine, bring a couple of towels. One for the floor and one for your face. It’s a courtesy thing. Oh and one last thing man in the front row, you totally inspired us to push a little harder. You nailed that work out. And your skin-tight cycle gear.


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